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We manufacture a wide range of chargrills and lift grills. From domestic to commercial use, we can supply you the right equipment for the job.

Some of the standard range:

1225x560mm chargrill spit $2895

60kg 240v motor

22mm solid stainless steel shaft

5 body prongs for lamb/pig

3 fork prongs for chooks, legs, butts

4 souvlaki / gyro disks

4 s/s rod grills

Removable carving/serving tray

Bearing shaft supports - adjustable height 300mm

25mm thick fire bricks lining inside of oven.

These ovens are designed to fit into bricked area of alfresco outdoor kitchen.

Steel base frames available.

Lift grill-2&3

Char-grill with adjustable height grills

Easy to use, great with wood and charcoal

Welded stainless construction

Steel charcoal tray lined with 25mm fire bricks.

2 or 3 x Stainless rod grills

Grill lift height of 700mm

1 x side table RHS

Bottom SS mesh shelf for charcoal and tools

The Lift Grill is going to change the way you char-grill forever!!

One of the best ways to cook your favourite foods and fix the never ending problem of adjusting the cooking temperature as compared with a conventional char-grill. 

They work great with charcoal but come into life with a wood fired grilling.

Overall cooking area 650x485mm with the 2 grills, 980x485mm with the 3 grills

Cast grills and solid hot-plates also available.

Lift grill-2 $1800

Lift grill-3 $2300

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